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Nine While Nine


And it's passing strange 
And I'm waiting for the train 
Caught up on this line again 
And it's passing slowly 
Killing time but it's 
Better than living in what will come and I've 
Still got some of your letters with me and I 
Thought sometimes or I read too much 
And I think you know let's 
Drink to the dead lying under the water and the 
Cost of the blood on the driven snow and the 
Lipstick on my cigarettes 
Frost upon the window pane 
Nine while nine and I'm waiting 
For the train..... 
She said do you remember a time when angels 
Do you remember a time when fear 
In the days when I was stronger 
In the days when you were here she said 
When days had no beginning 
While days had no end when 
Shadows grew no longer I 
Knew no other friend but you 
Were wild 
You were wild..... 
Frost upon these cigarettes 
Lipstick on the window pane and I've 
Lost all sense of the world outside but I 
Can't forget so I call your name and I'm 
Looking for a life for me and I'm 
Looking for a life for you and I'm 
Talking to myself again and it's 
So damn cold it's just not true and I'm 
Walking through the rain 
Trying to hold on waiting for the train and I'm 
Only looking for what you want but it's 
Lonely here and I think you knew and I'm 
And I'm waiting 
And I wait in vain 
Nine while nine and I'm waiting 
For the train..... [repeat last verse x2] 


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